Locke is a legendary super-psychic, who has live for more than a thousand years.
It has been a long time since Locke retired from psychic wars. But now the government seeks him for an extremely important mission. An evil psychic cabal led by Lady Kahn is trying to dominate the galaxy.
Government commander Yamaki contacts Locke and orders him to stop the evil cabal and restore peace to the universe.
To destroy Locke, Lady Kahn trains an innocent girl named Jessica to become a super-psychic like Locke. Jessica is brainwashed and made to believe that Locke was responsible for her parents’ death.
Jessica starts to attack Locke with her super-psychic power, and this is just the beginning of an intense psychic battle between Locke and Lady Kahn.
Locke unleashes his super-psychic power to save the universe from the gigantic evil power.