FANTASTIC CHILDREN The product of a long collaboration between author / director Takashi Nakamura and Nippon Animation, "Fantastic Children" is a truly fantastic tale for modern children that incorporates classic elements of mystery and adventure, with the key artwork created by Nizo Yamamoto.

[The Story]
At the end of the 15th century, a tragedy was unfolding on the planet Girishia, 200 million light years from Earth. Tina possesses immeasurable power - "the ultimate weapon" - and has found herself the focus of a civil war. As the number of casualties mounts, Tina pushes the boundaries of Girishia's technology and uses a "transmigration machine" to send herself away to Earth, where she hides the memory of her previous existence deep inside her heart. After a series of "natural transmigrations", Tina is eventually reborn five centuries later - in the year 2001 - as an orphan named Helga.

When Helga is eleven years old, she has a fateful encounter with a boy named Thoma on a small island in the south seas.Over time, Thoma finds himself drawn to the girl with the quiet and intriguing aura...