SINBAD -The Magic Lamp and the Moving Islands-
Sequel to "SINBAD - A Flying Princess and a Secret Island -" Sinbad and the crews of the Bahr go out in search for the comrades of Sana, the princess of a legendary sorcerer clan. While repairing a damaged ship after a heavy storm, Sana feels the presence of the Magic Lamp. On the nearby island, they search for the Lamp, but the hand of a demon intent on Sana draws close. Blue horses that run on the water, giant footprints, shaking ground... What is the Magic Lamp? Can they find it? Where are Sana's comrades? The adventure continues.

Staff: Director Shinpei Miyashita (Doraemon:Nobita's Dinosaur 2006), Chief Animation Yoshiharu Sato (My Neighbor Totoro), Series Organizer Hiroyuki Kawasaki (After War Gundam X)