Sequel to "SINBAD -The Magic Lamp and the Moving Islands -"
The search for Sana's comrades continues. Sara who opens up her heart to Sinbad and the crew of Bahr reveals her horrible story of how her father's apprentice Galip destroyed the peaceful kingdom and her family by using the wizardly power. Suddenly the Magic Lamp shows the passage "to the Wonder Gate to the land of ancestors that appears in the Night at High Noon." Sana and Sinbad head to the Wonder Gate, but Galip's solders block their path. Who Sana really is? What is the final ambition of Galip? Can Sana reunite with her comrades?

Staff: Director Shinpei Miyashita (Doraemon:Nobita's Dinosaur 2006), Chief Animation Yoshiharu Sato (My Neighbor Totoro), Series Organizer Hiroyuki Kawasaki (After War Gundam X)