Picture books, Hugs and Animation
– three “Precious Things” that always put a smile on my grand daughter’s face.

And it’s Animation of course that I love like no other, as I strongly believe that “Animation has an infinite power.” This is because Animation can cross borders and generations, instantly taking us to a world where our favorite heroes, cute animals and so many other friends exist, inviting us all to new tales and adventures.
Within this world of animation, our hearts are moved and our minds grow as we learn the very things that make us who we are. This is true for young and old alike. Animation is truly “An experience that grows our hearts.”

So where does this power of animation come from? I believe that it comes from the “Production Process,” where professionals from various areas collaborate, creating the astonishing 24 frames per second that weave a story together. Then in front of their screens, viewers experience the “Creativity and Craftsmanship,” and most importantly the “Passion and Love” of the animation creators.

Founded back in 1975 by Koichi Motohashi and most famously known for “World Masterpiece Theatre (Sekai Meisaku Gekijo)” and “CHIBI MARUKO-CHAN,” our library consists of over 130 Titles. Each one is the precious result of the “Passion and Love” of their creators following our founder’s underlying principle – “To deliver to the wonderful animations to fascinate the children and adults
around the world, and contributes to the cultivation of humanity.”

On into the future, we will continue to carry the principles and heart of our founder, creating Masterpieces for generations of viewers to come. Using our expertise in Animation Production as a foundation, we intend to expand our business into the fields of “Content Creation,” commencing with the rapidly growing Asian Market and moving on to distribute our content on a global scale.

As a team, we promise you to develop the animation continuously that will create dreams and fascinate you throughout your life.

Kazuko Ishikawa