Year : 1983

Eps : 26 ( 26min )



One of the world’s most popular series of tales-“AESOP’S FABLES”-has become an animation series.

The tales have entertained thousands of boys and girls all over the world, and have also brought pleasure to the whole family. Presented well-known tales are: “Ant and the Grasshopper” “The Fox With his Tail Cut Off” “North Wind and the Sun” “Lion and the Mouse” “Rabbit and Turtle” “Deer and the Lion” “Crow and the Birds” “Town Mouse and the Country Mouse” “The Travelers and the Bear” “The Hen Who Lays Golden Eggs” and many more!

Three red, blue and yellow monkeys named Ton, Tan, and Ti appear at the end of each episode to summarize the story and give their opinions, as to communicate with young viewers and their families.