Year : 1994

Eps : 51 ( 26min )



On the way to school, a junior-high school student Karin finds a piglet who is too hungry to move, and gives him some food. This pig is actually a prince, Tonrariano III from a planet called Booringo, and gives Karin a transformation kit to reward her kindness. The kit consists of a piggy nose, and when Karin puts on the nose and says the magical words that Tonrariano III taught her, she becomes a super-pig, a mighty flying pig, Boorin! Karin, however, is not happy to be a pig, so Tonrariano III’s father, the King, promises Karin that she can become her ideal super-heroine if she collects 100 pearls, which will be given to her one by one each time Boorin helps out somebody.

Boorin becomes a mysterious super pig who appears from nowhere when people are in trouble. Although everyone is curious of the pig’s origins, nobody knows that Boorin is really Karin.