Year : 1996

Eps : 26 ( 26min )



John is a cheerful and energetic young boy, who lives in a small coal-mining town in England.
One day he finds a small dog lost in a flock of sheep, and takes her back home and names the puppy Lassie. Soon they become really good friends, just like real siblings. Lassie is a very lovely and smart dog, so everyone in the town loves her very much.

But their happy life doesn’t last long. Suddenly a coal-mine owner closes his company because there is no more coal left.
John request him a further investigation and being agreed, but in exchange for that, Lassie is taken to Scotland with the owner. Priscilla, his granddaughter and also John’s friend, cannot just stand by and let Lassie suffer in a cage, so She opens the cage and sets her free. Lassie sets out on a very long and hard journey from Scotland to home. Lassie keeps on running in order to meet John, her best friend and brother, as soon as possible…

Based on the novel “Lassie Come-Home” by Eric Knight