Year : 2004

Eps : 26 ( 26min )



Hachibei is a flippant but very active boy who always tires to get girls’ attention. Bespectacled Hakase is an extensitve reader with erudition. Mo-chan is a bit chubby boy who is kind, broad-minded and…gluttonous. These 3 boys are all in the same class in the 6th grade and are very close friends.
They experience various adventures, developing their friendship, and learn the meaning of “life” together with their friends at shcool and attractive people surrounding them.
Their various adventures depicted in every episode of this series take place not only in thier home town, but also in the fascinating places such as an uninhabited island, a stormy mountain and a box lunch company they established by themselves.
“Zukkoke Sannin Gumi” is based on a popular juvenile novel series with the same titles written by Masamoto Nasu. First published in 1976, the original novel series have been loved by the children form more than 27 years (21 million copies sold in total) as one of the master pieces of Juvenile literature in Japan.